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28 December 2011 @ 01:49 am
Stamped as Megara//Matchmaking Theme  

Name: Jasmine
Previously Stamped As: Megara (personality) Ariel (Mirror)

♥ ›› Describe your personality in a nutshell:

Extremely temperamental and avoidant, friendly, funny, creative...

♥ ›› What are some positive, attracting traits about you?:

I'm quite funny and friendly and sweet.

♥ ›› And some negative not-so-attracting traits?:

Lazy, sloppy, grumpy, forgetful, explosive temper (though I keep it in check 95% of the time so people actually think I'm really chill)

♥ ›› What are some traits that are ideal for the perfect person?:

Sense of humor, competence, charm, intelligence

♥ ›› What are some traits that are an instant rejection in a person?:

Being boring, being really prejudiced, being really stuffy

♥ ›› Describe what your perfect date would be like:

Hmm, maybe spend the day with friends on the beach and then go out to dinner and a movie, followed by desert/tea and a stroll home. <3

♥ ›› Do you tend to fall for the tall, dark, mysterious and attractive, or the light-hearted, cheerful and sometimes silly people? Or maybe a little in between?:

In looks, maybe a little bit of the tall, dark thing but in personality, more the lighthearted cheerful kind. Definitely somewhere in between with both though.

♥ ›› Do you believe opposites attract or those with many things in common?:

You need to have certain things in common to attract you and keep you interested but a few complimentary traits are important so you can help each other grow.

♥ ›› Are money, power or looks in a partner important to you?:

Money and power aren't important at all in my being attracted or wanting to stay with a person though let's be honest, they help. For a relationship, I do need to be attracted to the person. That doesn't mean they have to be a super model, but I have to feel.

♥ ›› Do you believe in your man doing things for you or do you like to do things yourself?:

It depends. I definitely feel really special being helped, but I also like to feel capable in my own right. This is...actually an issue for me, lol.

♥ ›› Do you believe in a more traditional marriage (the woman stays home and homemakes, the man goes out and works) or do you believe in a more modern marriage?:

I don't believe there's anything wrong with the traditional marriage, but I think generally no. Though sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I'd lived in another time and was already married with children, keeping house and cooking and maybe writing on the side. In that respect it doesn't sound bad. But in others, not so much.

♥ ›› Name one character you think would be an awful match for you and explain why:

TBH I really love all of these guys, but I am going to say the Beast. Too many anger/violence issues.

♥ ›› Post a picture of yourself (optional).

♥ ›› Anything else you'd like us to know?


juliets_wake: Kissjuliets_wake on December 28th, 2011 07:07 am (UTC)
I have three different options running in my head : Naveen, Eric and Aladdin. Naveen seems like a fun guy and someone that can learn to be less selfish and more open -minded. He knows what his weakness is (i.e. he's not going to be a great chef ) but he's willing to learn knew things and work around them. Eric obviously loves animals -being that he got back on a burning ship to safe his dog-and he's also of a more cautious reserved nature (he 's had many marriage proposals but turned them all down. He's waiting for the right girl) but I didn't like that he was swayed by the fact that Ariel couldn't talk, so therefore she is not the girl for him, but he did stick by her in the end, even after he found out she was a mermaid. Then there's Aladdin, and I didn't just pick him because your name is Jasmine, although that is kind of funny. I don't know, he seems like he might be a combination of Naveen and Eric, although I can't say he's any kind reserved or stoic like Eric. Ah...decisions, decisions......let's go with Aladdin