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28 May 2014 @ 02:56 pm
The Basics
• Name: Amber Wydell
• Age (please note we cannot rate the application if the user is under thirteen): 15

• How would you describe yourself?(includes strengths and flaws): Creative, easily amused, curious, adventurous, book-worm, Disney fanatic, friendly, painfully shy, paranoid, socially awkward, childish (when I want to be!), stubborn, fiery, rebellious
• What are you passionate about? Writing, animals, drawing, reading, Disney
• Pet Peeves? Whistling, hypocrisy, smugness, trying to read while someone's talking to you, getting stuck behind slow walkers in the corridor, patronising behaviour, people not closing the door on their way out of a room, giggling girls, talking on the phone to someone who then gets into a conversation with someone else while you're still on the phone! Grrr...
• What are you not so good at? Admitting I'm wrong, talking about my feelings, standing up in front of people, sport, talking to people my age!
• Do you have any talents? Creative writing, drawing, poetry (anything to do with Art or English, really!)
• How do you view friendship? Something very precious that should be taken seriously! A friend should be someone to laugh with, someone to confide in and someone to lean on. The most important factors of a decent friendship are trust and loyalty, in my opinion!
• Family, friends, lovers, possessions, careers. What order would you put these, from highest to lowest priority? 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Possessions 4. Careers 5. Lovers (I've never had a boyfriend, so how should I know?!)

• Favorite Color(s) and why? Green, because it reminds me of the forest, yellow, because it's bright and happy, orange because it reminds me of the sunset (Peeta fan, here!)
• Favorite Place(s) and why? My house, because I feel comfortable there, the forest, because I can be myself and relax, Disneyland, I've never been, but it's my life long dream to go there, any theme park, because I love rollercoasters!
• Favorite Movie(s) and why? Tangled and Frozen, because I love Disney, Donnie Darko, because it left me speechless, Taken, because Liam Neeson is my hero!
• Favorite Book(s) and why? The Hunger Games and Divergent, because I just love them, and Alone on a wide, wide sea, because it was my favourite childhood book written by my favourite children's author
• Favorite Television Show(s) and why? Primeval, because I love time travel, especially when it involves weird creatures, the Walking Dead, because it's just awesome and The Following, because Kevin Bacon rules and I love crime
• Favorite Food(s) and why? Salted popcorn and pretzels, because I love salt, pasta, because I don't know! Fig rolls, because I'm weird

This or That
• Implusive or Cautious:
Cautious, because I'm a big thinker!
• Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic, because I find it hard to look on the brighter side at times
• Mature or not so mature: Not so mature, because I love Disney, talking to animals and dancing badly around the house... XD
• Confident or Shy: VERY. SHY.
• Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted around people I'm not fully comfortable with, but extroverted around my family

• What's your favorite Disney couple? Why? Rapunzel and Eugene, because I love how such a player falls for the sweet, innocent Princess! And Kristanna, because their personalities are just perfect for each other... Oh, and Channy! Such good memories.
• Which Disney character could you imagine being best friends with? Why? Mulan, because we're both tom-boyish screw ups who like adventure
• Which Disney character could you imagine being romantically involved with? Why? KRISTOFF. KRISTOFF. KRISTOFF. Is that clear enough? He's just my favourite Disney character, and not because he's cute, but because he's the male version of my myself! Animal obsessed, socially awkward, shy and adventurous!


05 February 2012 @ 03:30 pm
Name: Heather
Age: 23
Previously stamped as: Nani

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06 January 2012 @ 11:13 pm
The Basics
• Name: Sophie
• Age (please note we cannot rate the application if the user is under thirteen): 20

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03 January 2012 @ 07:15 pm
Hey y'all,

I created a community for Anne of Green Gables/Road to Avonlea stamping, please join :)

03 January 2012 @ 03:33 pm


Ever wonder who you were in Arthurian legend? Well, look no further than the handy-dandy new stamping community made just for figuring out one of life's pressing questions. At [info]merlinstamps, dedicated to TV's BBC's Merlin, soon to be opening, you'll find out just the answers you've been looking for. Are you a Gwen? Would you be matched with an Arthur or a Lance? Only time and a few applications will tell!

(P.S: Mod, unsure how to tag, so I left blank :))
03 January 2012 @ 02:28 pm
The Basics
Name: Heather
Age: 23

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26 December 2011 @ 01:11 am

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